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æternity Universe Three

A Blockchain Wallet and DEX for All
Welcome to the world of Superhero, the cutting-edge decentralized crypto wallet and trading protocol (DEX). As a curious bystander, you may be wondering what sets Superhero apart from the rest of the decentralized exchange (DEX) landscape.
Manage assets

Store, manage, and interact with digital assets, send and receive Æ tokens with near-zero fees.

Create .chain AENS

Create a unique, human-readable name to use as a public address on the æternity blockchain.

Remain anonymous

Keep your private keys and store the seed phrase securely to avoid any issues.

Superhero is a decentralized crypto wallet and trading protocol that uses the æternity blockchain for scalability and advanced features such as state channels, a human-readable naming system AENS, oracles, and a highly efficient virtual machine. The community is at the core of Superhero and æternity, and the æternity forum is a great place to stay on top of new updates and discuss new features. Superhero Wallet allows you to securely store, send, and receive your Æ coins and AEX-9 tokens, and soon also Hyperchains and Bitcoin integration and multisig support.

State channels
Virtual Machine
So why wait?

Access Superhero DEX and Superhero Wallet now and start swapping, earning, and building on the leading decentralized crypto trading protocol. Experience the future of finance, today. Create your own token now and make it tradable on the Superhero DEX. Setup your Superhero Wallet now, fill out the form on this website with your new æternity address to get some free AE coins to get started. We are wishing you a great tokenisation!