Æternity Universe Two


15-16 / 09 / 2022

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Meet Our Speakers

Joel Dietz

CEO - MetaMetaverse
A cyberfuturist artist and entrepreneur who was a founding member of Ethereum, started the internal Ethereum project that became the popular Metamask wallet,

Peter Todd

Bitcoin Core
Former Bitcoin Core Developer, Consensus Systems Consultant, OpenTimestamps Founder.

Yanislav Malahov

Back in 2013, the "Godfather of Ethereum" envisioned powerful algorithms on blockchains, that transformed into Aeternity Ecosystem.

Margaux Avedisian

CEO & Co-Founder
Beyond the Runway
MFA in fashion merchandising, the Queen of Bitcoin, and now Fashion Tech startup co-founder. 'Beyond the Runway' is changing the way people shop online.

Dadvan Yussuf

Founded the Dohrnii Foundation in Zug, which oversees the development of his cryptocurrency software, and his own cryptocurrency Dohrnii.

Artem Gordadze

A C-suite executive who has built and run businesses in the CIS and managed partnerships in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Georg Greve

Co-Founder & President
Software developer, physicist, author, working on technology politics since he founded the Free Software Foundation Europe in 2001.

Bruce Porter

CEO - Global Boost
Founder - Washington Elite
Brought together world leaders developing the digital landscape from blockchain to the metaverse. His name is synonymous with the Bitcoin monetary revolution.

David Galea

Co-Founder and Commercial Director
David’s last role was as Head of BD and Marketing, Megabyte ltd. Specialising in and providing airline cost management and route profitability financial systems to the airline industry for over a decade.

Matthias langer

Partner & tax consultant at
Actus AG
Expert in the tax laws of Liechtenstein and Germany as well as in cross-border transactions and consultancy in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Alex Lee

Bliss NFT
Committed to advancements in finance through blockchain. He launched $116m SPAC focused on Metaverse + EdTech + AI also Liquidigy.com. Member of - Board of Directors of Web Blockchain Media

Sai Poorna

Bitcoin Caffe​ & Sylvann
A serial entrepreneur , angel investor in startups , Mentor to start ups, and a crypto lover. Coached 1200 people so far into crypto investing.

Stoyan Vasilev

Crypto Product Lead
Co-founded 4 startups, ran a small design & development agency in NYC, and coded hands-on for 6 years. Product lead for a cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized applications browser. Evolved a number of use cases into applications running on iOS, Android, the mobile and desktop web.

Simon de Kinkelin

Co-founder & Art Director
First NFT company for music. Pianity revolutionizes the music industry by enforcing fairer revenues for artists and exclusive content for fans and collectors.

Bernhard Thalhammer

89 venture
Token-based Financing for Projects, Startups and SMEs – a User Manual from a German Perspective

Alessandro De Carli

Chairman, CEO, Founder & Software engineer
Papers AG
Papers has dedicated its 10+ years of existence to developing secure, mobile-first software embracing paradigm shifting technologies like blockchain to provide a more distributed, secure and accessible future of human interaction.

Florian Glatz

Co-Founder & President
He advises political decision-makers at the German and European level on blockchain regulation. Trained as a lawyer and software developer, Florian is aware of the key issues at the intersection of crypto assets and regulation.

Stephan Verbuecheln

IT Security Analyst
His main focus is on design and implementation of security related processes, and on the technical implementation of modern distributed systems.

Alex Casas

León Blockchain HUB Association
A blockchain enthusiast, co-founder and Core contributor at Blockchain 4 Humanity, also Shelpin program built over the RSK network.

Brendan James McKittrick

Co-Founder and Chairman
Brendan’s last role was global CTO/CIO of Accelya, supporting over 20 products across 350 airlines and 150 shipping companies including running $200 billion of tickets on behalf of IATA as the world’s largest processor of airline ticket settlements.

Ryta de Crypt

Web Developer
@ multiple companies incl æternity
A Graphic Designer, Brand Creator and Web Developer with 3 Master degrees and a nomadic freelance lifestyle full of travels.

Ingmar Zechlin

COO & Operations Manager
In his role as COO of æternity, he leads the overall operations team, including Operations, legal, hr and finance with the aim to support the æternity project on its great journey into mainstream.

Omar Saadoun

Lead marketing
Since 2019, Saadoun has been a valued member of the æternity community - both as an æmbassador and Americas tech lead.

Benjamin Huskic

A passionate leader, a Chief Technology Officer at æternity blockchain, and the founder of 'The Quality Gate'.

Olga Polishchuk

HR Manager
Olga has been an HR Manager at æternity Establishment since 2019. Broad experience in international IT recruitment and HR brought her to work with the æternity team.

Pia Carlsen

Operations Manager

Pia previously been in the cannabis industry and has been the operational backbone of a successful CBD start-up in Munich. She has now been the Operations Manager at the æternity Establishment since 2021

Marco Walz

Lead Developer Relations

Marco is a Senior IT-Consultant with 5 years hands-on experience in Blockchains & Decentralized Networks, including Smart Contract development.

Riccardo Baumgartner

Business Developer
From being a part of the ICO Wild Wild West up to the development and definition of KYC structures for the first Blockchain law, he got a big knowledge of blockchain. During this time, he became a fan of æternity, so he is now a team member.

Philipp Piwowarsky

Tech Lead and
Blockchain Engineer
Phillipp loves bringing his passion and knowledge into developing scalable and innovative solutions, as well as educating others about blockchain technology.

Keno Dreßel

Keno Dreßel started his software career 13 years ago. He developed his interest in blockchain in 2015 and has been an avid user and supporter of the technology since. Joined æternity development in 2018.

Jan Michek

Frontend developer
In æternity Est. he is present in the frontend field enjoying bridging computer code with human perception.

Subhod Iranthabettu

JS SDK developer
His interest is majorly in making Blockchain adaptation easy for everyone and now with æternity, he is making sure the highly used JS SDK is developer-friendly.

Gaith Hallak

Sophia compiler developer
Gaith is a functional programming and compilers enthusiast who has been the main developer of the Sophia compiler for the last year.

Radosław Rowicki

Blockchain Developer
Radek has been contributing to æternity for over three years. Over that time, he utilized his passion for compilers and runtime systems to enhance Sophia and FATE with new features, designs, and tooling.

Dincho Todorov

Currently working in SRE, he is responsible for configuring, running, and deploying aeternity testnet/mainnet/dev environments.

Erich Fortuni

Crypto Castle TokenSale
Blockchain-based project implementer with end-to-end management competencies from design to production.Author of the Blockchain Research 2017 for the Italian Banking Association and writer of original articles.

Gregory Turkawka

Super Hero Academy
Excellence in instructional design of learning and teaching environments - from public K-12 to university - with deep rooted knowledge of digital technology integration and gamification.

Daniele Monteleone

Super Hero Academy
Tech Entrepreneur, blockchain specialist, software developer, independent advisor on digital strategy, technology and information policy: more than 20 wonderful years in the industry.

Ish Ismail Malik​

Super Hero Academy
CoFounder MetaFi, Founder & CEO of Blockchain Lab. Able to provide leadership and strategic direction to support service-focused and cost effective activities related to sourcing, contracting, eMoney, tokenized credit services & DeFi Decentralized Finance.

Gideon Gallasch

Community & Events
Æternity Foundation
Gideon created the german Bitcoin OTC Platform Bitcoin-treff.de early days ago in 2014. He also brought the first Bitcoin / Altcoin ATM to Germany. Founder of the Blockchainhotel.

Hans Svensson

Æternity Foundation
Hans is a software developer with almost 15 years of experience. Great problem solving skills. Advanced testing experience from multiple fields – automotive, telecom and web services.

Fabian Król

Elixir / Erlang Developer
Æternity Foundation
He describes himself as a Software Gardener. Key technologies: Elixir, Postgres. Fabian is working closely with VPs and C-suite on technical solution and timelines.

Ulf Wiger

Foundation developer
Æternity Foundation
The creator of the most complex Erlang system. In recent years, Ulf has been involved in products based on the AXD 301 architecture. He is currently working on the Ì_ternity blockchain

Dimitar Ivanov

Foundation Developer
Æternity Foundation
Dimitar is a software engineer with a variety of interests. He has implemented the back-end of a MOBA game, IoT devices, and software for banking institutions. He loves blockchain technology for its potential to disrupt and democratize finance.