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æternity Universe Three


Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Following last year’s hugely successful æternity Universe Two, the æternity Universe Three conference will be a melting pot of engaging, knowledge-sharing workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities at every step.

Specifically, æternity Universe Three will focus on the latest developments and quantum leaps in DeFi, Governance, DAO, and cutting-edge protocols like Hyperchains. Moreover, it will focus on the ever-burning questions of scalability, interoperability, security, privacy, and blockchain technology.

The æternity Universe Three goal is also to engage the community and the æcosystem supporters alike in an educational, networking, dinner, and party event that includes direct communication with the Founder and key members of the æternity æcosystem. We support attendees to interact in a smaller circle and learn about the evolution and progress of our technology during the conference.

æternity Universe Three is taking place 31 August till 2 September 2023!

The check-in and check-out for the accommodation at the CryptoCastle, dates and hours are – August 31st · 8 am – September 3rd · 3 pm CEST.

The event will occur in Germany (the nearest City, Halle), in the CryptoCastle, historically named Schloss Burgscheidungen. The address is: Schloßbergstraße 56, 06636 Laucha an der Unstrut, Germany. For the GPS location, check .

The CryptoCastle in Germany is the place to be for Blockchain, AI, IoT, and sustainable technology events & communities. This location is dedicated to those wanting to immerse themselves in the vibrant tech community and retreat from the city.

The closest and easiest way to arrive by public transport is by train. The nearest train station near the CryptoCastle is named Kirchscheidungen and is 30min away walking distance, or a 3km drive. For the GPS location of the train station, check .


By Train

We suggest a route from Berlin. Take the train from Berlin (Airport/main station) to Naumburg and from Naumburg to Kirchscheidungen. On this train ride, you will see the beauty of this fascinating region, vineyards, old Castles, etc., that we strongly recommend seeing. And then, from Kirchscheidungen, you can take a taxi or walk 30min to Burgscheidungen Castle. See the train route and tickets here:


By Taxi

Below is the average cost of taxi services from Leipzig main station/Airport, Halle (Saale), Naumburg, and Kirchscheidungen to the CryptoCastle. The average price for taxi service is:


  1. Halle (Saale) → Castle: € 110-115

  2. Leipzig-Halle airport/Main Station → Castle: € 85-115

  3. Naumburg → Castle: € 50-55

  4. Kirchscheidungen → Castle: € 8-10


By Car

Consider attending the æternity Universe Three by carpooling with friends or colleagues. Carpooling is an excellent option for traveling to events. It’s a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and convenient way to travel. You’ll save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy the company of others. Another advantage of Carpooling is that it helps coordinate your departure and arrival time, making your check-in much faster!

Parking spaces in the Castle courtyard are limited. To book a spot, please get in touch with and communicate your name, car plate number, date, and hour of arrival and departure. Parking at the venue is free, but charging the electric cars has a fee. You can also park around the Castle within a few minutes’ walking distance.


For the conference, we propose a CryptoCastle room, as part of the CryptoCastle regal experience ticket, or a Hotel room close by. For booking, please contact We also offer FREE Camping in a beautiful area surrounding the Castle, where you can bring your own tent and enjoy nature. We invite everyone to embrace the comfort of nature and camp. The camping area will have toilets and showers inside the Castle. 

Please note:

  • Check-in times to the Castle are only possible from Friday to Saturday between 10 am and 22 pm. Plan your arrival hour carefully.

Yes, there is a registration fee for the conference and party. To buy a ticket, visit or click the Eventbrite. The price of the ticket depends on the day of acquisition, therefore:


  • Early Bird 1 Day Pass – price €50.00

    Sales end on Jul 14, 2023


  • Early Bird 2 Days Pass – price €100.00

    Sales end on Jul 14, 2023


  • Regular Ticket 1 Day Pass – price €100.00

    Sales start on Jul 14, 2023


  • Regular Ticket 2 Days Pass – price €175.00

    Sales start on Jul 14, 2023


  • Late Bird 1 Day Pass – price €125.00

    Sales start on Aug 18, 2023


  • Late Bird 2 Days Pass – price €210.00

    Sales start on Aug 18, 2023


The accommodation at the CryptoCastle is not included. To book an accommodation, send a request to

The ticket includes:

  • Conference fee

  • Party fee

  • Free camping in CryptoCastle Gardens with facilities included.

  • The accommodation at the CryptoCastle is not included.

The shuttle bus will make a stop in Leipzig. To book a shuttle send a request to

Attention! Payments during the event are made exclusively in Cryptocurrency. Check if your wallet is compatible with AE coins or get a compatible one; for more information regarding AE coins, check .

For free participation, you can apply as a Volunteer. We provide 3 meals per day and free accommodation. After the event, upon your request, we will provide a Diploma of participation. Register on the website as a Volunteer, or write directly to, and we will come back to you!

Students have a 50% discount on the ticket purchase. For the discount code, write directly to, attaching a scanned form of your student ID card.

Volunteer registration is now open — please fill out and submit your application here. (link)

Volunteers will have to complete 2 shifts of 8 hours each during the conference.

Conference planning




AUG, 31



SEP, 1



SEP, 2



Conference Program

Conference Program


UnConference Program


Conference Program

Conference Program


UnConference Program


Dinner & Party

Dinner & Party

 Dinner & Party








The conference program will include topics about:

  • DAO & Governance

    • Voting Dæp

    • DAO

  • (Decentralized) Finance

    • Tokenomics

    • DeFi

    • CeFi

    • Staking

    • DeX

    • DarFi

    • Trading

    • Token Sales

  • Protocols

    • Hyperchains,

    • State Channels

    • Smart Contracts

    • Oracles

  • Scalability & Interoperability

    • Bridges

    • Product Tracking

  • Security & Privacy

    • regulation

    • Identity

    • Hackers

You can participate in the æternity Universe Three Conference. Register on our website – complete the registration form with your details, and we will come back to you!

Yes. Stay tuned for more information.

The dress code for the party is business casual or cocktail attire. As the evenings outside can be colder, we recommend you have some warm clothes too.

Yes. Stay tuned for more information.


Two chefs will be present on-site during the whole event; Vegan/vegetarian options will be provided, with a Plancha all day long for carnivores.

The ticket price includes just 1 meal – the æternity æcosystem lunch, which is also a networking session and will take place on September 1st. There will be appetizers, finger food, a main course, and drinks. The menu will also include vegan products. Later on, dinner will be served (not included in the ticket price).

On day 2, Saturday – 2nd of September, we will provide 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For the attendees who booked accommodation at the CryptoCastle, breakfast is included in the room price.


Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, fresh juices, and herbal shots will be sold separately at designated bars curated by “Juicy”. 


We also provide 24/7 vending snack machines that will accept crypto payments.

For the purchase of cryptos in the vending machines, the clients must have or open an account in the AE coins compatible wallet to eventually take their funds to the SuperHero wallet App. So far, the company will accept crypto payments in AE token coins.


Attention! Payments during the event are made exclusively in Cryptocurrency. Check if your wallet is compatible with AE coins or get a compatible one, like SuperHero Wallet; for more information regarding AE coins, check .

Here is a no-refund policy in place. However, should the event get canceled due to a force majeure, you will be entitled to reuse your ticket for a future event or will be granted a complete refund.

Please be supportive of each other and attentive to each other’s needs. This event has been built with tolerance, inclusion, and safety in mind just as much as with æternity blockchain & the future of blockchain technology. There will be zero tolerance for hate speech or violence.

Be mindful of waste; pick up after yourself; protect the Earth – bring your own cup/water bottle. If you smoke — use a portable ashtray.

  • Water bottle and a cup — be sustainable;
  • A yoga mat is advised if you wish to relax in the nurturing environment of the CryptoCastle;
  • Bug spray;
  • Warm clothes and sleeping bags are advised;
  • Organic personal hygiene products.