æternity Universe Three

Build your own blockchains with

Hyperchains offer a novel way to create a hybrid chain that combines the security of large PoW networks with the energy efficiency of PoS consensus algorithms.

The æternity Hyperchains consensus upgrade allows for hyper scaling and the ability for anyone to launch their own private/public sidechain.

The dev team is currently working on the alpha version of Hyperchains, and the Bitcoin blockchain is being prepared to be used as a parent chain for the network.

With the æternity Hyperchains consensus upgrade (coming soon via governance) æternity mainnet will be able to scale further on-chain as well as allow everyone to launch their own private (or public) æternity-style sidechain without asking anyone for permission. Hyperchains consensus will piggyback on the PoW of the Bitcoin blockchain to create a secure tamperproof random number to secure each hyperchain. Read the related whitepaper.