æternity Universe Three

Blockchain Explorer

an open-source solution for navigating the æternity blockchain key data.

In order to improve the experience of data navigation and metric overview, as well as to enhance the overall user experience for the community, æScan was born.

æScan offers a streamlined user experience, and unique “AENS” –  .chain names

a dashboard that displays important data such as the token price and market statistics

a more detailed overview of transactions on the æternity blockchain

æScan is the way for the wider æternity community to pitch in and dig deep, to weigh in and help out, to connect and grow — all of which will lead to more meaningful æpps being developed. The new explorer offers both a platform for such activity as well as a vibrant educational epicenter for all of the cutting-edge features that the æternity blockchain provides, especially given the way in which it displays information and data.