The PROJECT THAT COMEs SECOND will get 5000 AE tokens.


The UNIVERSE ONE Hæckathon winner will receive 10,000 AE tokens and will be considered for funding by the Starfleet incubator program or the æternity crypto foundation.


The æpp prototype that takes third place will be rewarded with 2000 AE tokens.



The æternity Universe One Hæckathon is an opportunity to:

  • Learn about æternity blockchain by being guided through the æpp building process by some of the most experienced æternity developers.

  • Create real life solutions to address business and social problems.

  • Generate sustained innovation and join a network of peers in the blockchain world.

  • Become an æternity tech expert ready to unleash the next generation of decentralized æpps.

  • Set the foundations of a startup that leaves a mark on the blockchain industry.

All essential concepts that make æternity unique will be presented and explained, and participants will get to test out æternity’s developer tools first-hand.





The æternity Universe One Hæckathon will be a fast-paced, intense crash course. Participants will have 48 hours to learn how to make use of æternity’s platform and developer tools and use them to their applications’ advantage. Remote participation is possible.

  • Team up. You can work in teams of several people or solo.

  • Brainstorm, create, test.. You will have 2 full days to prepare and present an æpp project to the jury. We recommend conceptualizing your projects prior to the event.

  • Create innovative blockchain use cases. We believe the community can come up with incredible æpps prototypes.

  • Take your idea further. The winner of the Hæckathon will be given the chance to present their project to the æternity crypto foundation for the possibility of a grant, or an investment offer from æternity's incubator program Starfleet.


The teams participating in the æternity Universe One Hæckathon have to identify real-world problems, come up with a technological solution based on æternity technology, and demonstrate long-term viability. Here is what the jury will be looking for:

  • Blockchain-first concept. Why is blockchain vital for your project?

  • Real-world problem. Provide a blockchain solution to a real problem.

  • Business model. Make sure that your project is financially viable in the long run.

  • Why æternity? Show which features of the æternity blockchain are essential for your idea.

  • Team experience. Personal background and experience of the developer team

  • Open Source. The prototype created during the Hæckathon must be made available in GitHub.



September 14th:

10:00 Warm-up and Get-together

10:15 Introduction Round: Presenting the æternity Team On-site

10:30 Introduction of Online Participants

10:40 Introduction of Hæckathon Participants On-site

11:00 Brainstorming Session: Kick-off

11:45 Pitching the First Ideas (and their requirements)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Team Building (Offline + Online) Around the Presented Ideas

  • 13:30 Intro to æternity's Technological Stack by Philipp Piwowarsky & Milen Radkov

  • 14:00 Start Hacking Away and On-demand Mentoring for the Hæckathon Teams (throughout the event)

16:00 Coffee Break (20 min)

19:00 Dinner

21:45 Closing of Day 1

September 15th:

10:00 Get-together

  • 10:30 Team Reports on Progress

12:00 Lunch

16:00 Coffee Break (20 min)

  • 18:00 Final Team Pitches

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Paralelni Polis Closes. Contributions Can Be Submitted Until 10 AM on September 16th.



To take part in the Universe One Hæckathon please fill-in the short application form by clicking on the button below.

If you have any questions, join the Hæckathon-dedicated Telegram group.

All Hæckathon participants who come to Prague will receive a free ticket for the æternity Universe One conference.