æternity Universe Three


15-16 / 09 / 2022

Meet Our Speakers

Nina Hawkins

Nina Hawkins is a metaverse creative pioneer, merging innovative technology with uniquely provocative art aesthetics. She’s a Founder of digital avatar incubator Lilium Labs and the impetus for Embryo - an industry disrupting face scanning application for easy consumer grade avatar creation.

Peter Todd

Bitcoin Core
Former Bitcoin Core Developer, Consensus Systems Consultant, OpenTimestamps Founder.

Yanislav Malahov

Back in 2013, the "Godfather of Ethereum" envisioned powerful algorithms on blockchains, that transformed into Aeternity Ecosystem.

Nicholas G. Padilla

Miami Community Radio
Nicholas is interdisciplinary Artist, Independent Researcher and Music Producer/DJ based out of Miami. Participated in the Institute of Contemporary Art’s: Art + Research Center and became the Co-Founder of the Miami Community Radio.

Thomas Nägele

Managing Partner
NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC
Thomas Nägele advises international finance, technology and industrial enterprises, operating in the fields of Blockchain/DLT, telecommunications and internet, as well as public institutions.

Chanel Verdult

Head of Curation
Unicorn DAO
Unicorn DAO is on a mission to help build the infrastructure and mentorship for a feminist and queer revolution on blockchain. Verdult coins the revolution as “renaissance 3.0,” driven by radical decentralization, art, activism & happenings.

Margaux Avedisian

CEO & Co-Founder
Beyond the Runway
MFA in fashion merchandising, the Queen of Bitcoin, and now Fashion Tech startup co-founder. 'Beyond the Runway' is changing the way people shop online.

Pia Carlsen

Operations Manager

Pia previously been in the cannabis industry and has been the operational backbone of a successful CBD start-up in Munich. She has now been the Operations Manager at the æternity Establishment since 2021

Olga Ukolova

Pandora Prime, #RGB
The medical doctor with a thirst for progress and uncensorability, Olga has been building L2/L3 protocols and user-facing products on top of Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

Georg Greve

Co-Founder & President
Software developer, physicist, author, working on technology politics since he founded the Free Software Foundation Europe in 2001.

David Galea

Co-Founder and Commercial Director
David’s last role was as Head of BD and Marketing, Megabyte ltd. Specialising in and providing airline cost management and route profitability financial systems to the airline industry for over a decade.

Ingmar Zechlin

In his role as COO of æternity, he leads the overall operations team, including Operations, legal, hr and finance with the aim to support the æternity project on its great journey into mainstream.

Bruce Porter

CEO - Global Boost
Founder - Washington Elite
Brought together world leaders developing the digital landscape from blockchain to the metaverse. His name is synonymous with the Bitcoin monetary revolution.

Alex Lee

Committed to advancements in finance through blockchain. He launched $116m SPAC focused on Metaverse + EdTech + AI also Liquidigy.com. Member of - Board of Directors of Web Blockchain Media

Omar Saadoun

Lead marketing
Since 2019, Saadoun has been a valued member of the æternity community - both as an æmbassador and Americas tech lead.

Guido Schmitz

He served several project from the very beginning as a Swiss Board Member like ShapeShift, Cardano, Wings, Golem, Nimiq, Interchain, Tezos, Particl Foundation and many more.

Sage Morei

Horizon Lab
Sage Morei is the founder of cutting-edge production house Horizon Lab: a full-service production ensemble that specializes on mixed media film, 3D animation as well as Virtual Production.

Joel Dietz

CEO - MetaMetaverse
A cyberfuturist artist and entrepreneur who was a founding member of Ethereum, started the internal Ethereum project that became the popular Metamask wallet,

Prateek Rao

Decentralized Global
Rao is a Dubai-based entrepreneur, early crypto community leader & investor in the local ecosystem from 2016/2017.

Andrei Susu

Product Ownership
Æternity blockchain
Senior IT consultant with over 8 years of experience in Software Development, Business Analysis, Product Illustration and Branding, and most recently Technical Product Ownership.

Deborah Metts

Co-founder & COO
Beyond The Runway
Management at startup companies, Innovation, Software as a Service (SaaS), SaaS Operations, high availability, and scalability. She’s worked with brands such as Bloomingdales, Calvin Klein, IMG, Max Mara, Macy’s, and Nicole Miller.

Jason Eisen

Founder and CEO
Utu Technologies
Trust Guardian @UTU, Serial entrepreneur and DAOist, Africa Defi Alliance, ETHSafari & artSTORM.nft (SafariDAO), The Africa DAO, pando DAO

Max Uper

tr3butor – web3 talent marketplace and community
The founder of tr3butor. Co-founder of Web3 recruitment firm Frontrunners, which helps hire engineers for xDefi, Bitfury, Zerion. Ex-founder of marketing agency Byzantium that raised more than $150mil in 2017-2018 for clients such as Naga, Humaniq, and many others.

Henning Diedrich

Lexon Foundation
Henning is the creator of Lexon, the human-readable programming language. He is a second-generation hacker: his father happily programmed ALGOL 60 on a Z 23. Henning has professional experience in 20 languages, for backend, frontend, off- and on-chain projects.

Matthias Langer

Partner & tax consultant at
Actus AG
Expert in the tax laws of Liechtenstein and Germany as well as in cross-border transactions and consultancy in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Benjamin Huskic

A passionate leader, a Chief Technology Officer at æternity blockchain, and the founder of 'The Quality Gate'.

Sai Poorna

Meta V Cafe & Sylvann, Owner of Bitcoin Caffe​
A serial entrepreneur , angel investor in startups , Mentor to start-ups, and a crypto lover. Coached 1200 people so far into crypto investing.

Julio Alejandro

JADA Consulting
"Exceptional Talent" - UK Government 2021 winner - Algorithmic, BioMedical & Futuristic Sciences. Jada is London's leading Blockchain & ICO's + AI, and IoT consulting company focused in tech design, implementation, and development

Victor Ammer

Founder & CEO
Ammer Group
His experience includes senior management positions and board memberships of multi-billion valued technology companies and leadership positions of diverse investment firms with a focus on technology and emerging markets.

Joey Zhong

Technical Managing Partner
Tech Partner of RNS.ID, European Representative of the Republic of Palau digital residency program. A researcher on AI, blockchain and Web3 infrastructure, evangelist of on-chain legal id, decentralized identity and proof of identity (PoID).

Stoyan Vasilev

Creator of
Crypto startups
Co-founded 4 startups, ran a small design & development agency in NYC, and coded hands-on for 6 years. Product lead for a cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized applications browser. Evolved a number of use cases into applications running on iOS, Android, the mobile and desktop web.

Simon de Kinkelin

Co-founder & Art Director
First NFT company for music. Pianity revolutionizes the music industry by enforcing fairer revenues for artists and exclusive content for fans and collectors.

Bernhard Thalhammer

89 venture
Token-based Financing for Projects, Startups and SMEs – a User Manual from a German Perspective

Vladimir Krstic

K-Club NFT
Entrepreneur, Technology Strategist, Human Behaviourist and Mountain Climber. ​ Co-Creator of the annual music immersion event, Skyland

Bianca Buzea

Developer Advocate
Blanacer Labs
Developer Advocate @Balancer Labs | ex-AWS Solutions Architect | Helping create a more diverse blockchain ecosystem | Technical content creator | Non-formal education, blockchain technology, financial education

Irfan Khan

Founder & CEO
Founder @hypermine.co & hosh.store | Partner @genevra.net. Thinker, Maker, Changer, Dreamer.

Debbie Osler

Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer
WeR1 Music Platform
Entrepreneur, Technology Strategist, Human Behaviourist and Mountain Climber. ​ Co-Creator of the annual music immersion event, Skyland